The knife technology is also marked by innovations. Constantly improved alloys for knife steel dynamically increase the knife's service life: up to 60 times when compared to a so-called Swedish-steel knife!

  • HSS super-speed steel knives with a tungsten content of 18 percent are the most frequently used guillotine knives worldwide showing four times the standard service life. They are very good value for money and perfectly cut the most common materials.
  • CARBIDE-TIPPED knives Due to their ultra fine grain quality such knives reach service lives up to 10 times longer than usual. They are perfectly suited for the most different cutting materials.
  • LONGLIFE knives are an enhancement of the above described carbide-tipped knives. However, they are made of a super fine tungsten carbide. They allow to obtain 20 times the normal service life.
  • GENESIS Knives are characterized by an increase of 40 times the normal service life. The ultra fine grain carbide used for manufacturing this knife is suitable for cutting everything from paper and cardboard to very hard materials.
  • VITECH Knives are considered as a benchmark. They are exclusively produced by Hagedorn and obtain unsurpassed cutting results. When it comes to service life, they reach completely new dimensions: An increase in service life of 60 times when compared to Swedish steel is the most common result which our users experience every day.